ART CLASSES: Discover your creative side.

I love teaching art and enriching people’s lives, I've been doing for over fifteen years. There is something magical about the creative arts that can touch and lift the human spirit, bringing a new sense of discovery and curiosity.
I believe anyone can learn to paint and draw, you just need a good teacher to show you the ropes and an sprinkle of enthusiasm; no-matter your ability, age or past artistic catastrophes please feel free to reach out to me and take a chance, what have you got to lose?


Kimberley Bevan’s work is known for its intense use of colour and detail along with representations of dynamic movement. Her art works navigate between two main themes: Firstly human perception of time and space, “this is a very complex theme whereby I use a variety of experimental approaches from layering images to dripping oil paint down the canvas and mixing foreign bodies into pigments”. Her aim is to capture movement, to strike a balance between the normal visual world and her own individual subconscious world influenced by emotion, memory and expectation. The secondary theme of her work combines contemporary physics theories with historical plant and insect symbolism, she fabricates highly detailed inter locking water colour illustrations inspired by artists such as William Morris.

After graduating from the University of Hertfordshire in 2004 with a BA (Hons) in Applied Media Arts, Kimberley Bevan was awarded a five year fellowship with Digswell Arts Trust. During which time she exhibited in London and Europe while working with many other fellow artists to construct exhibitions and educational programmes for large and small institutions. After completion of her fellowship she was awarded a board trustee position where she continued to work in support of local arts projects in collaboration of various authorities. In 2014 she had numerous artworks exhibited in America, Wales and England.

Portrait of Sarah by Kimberley Bevan oil on ink with collage flowers o
Kimberley Bevan. Self portrait aug 2020
Kimberley Bevan. Self portrait aug 2020 no 2
Portrait of luke by Kimberley Bevan oil paint on collage and metal wor
Untitled (2)
two women complete for mp4 format1594814414
Life drawing jan 2
but 2
woolmer green study 1 2018
Kimberley Bevan. Oil on canvas of Barbara
Life drawing jan 3
watercolour landscape
life drawing small
Kimberley Bevan.Life drawing Feb 2018
florence sketch
Kimberley Bevan. Self portrait study 10 - Copy
Kimberley Bevan. Oil on canvas of Emma
water lillies ink pencils
snail drawing
fairlands park
stevenage by libruary
Kimberley Bevan Pencil 1960s mustang study 1.docx
Kimberley Bevan Pencil Morris 1000 pencil  study 1.docx
Kimberley Bevan Pastel of biplane study 1.docx
stevenage town centre park